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Bunny The Hero

Vizualizări: 6 Adăugat de: danyel danyel 
Descrierea intrării:

The Story is about Somaraju who is a leading business man in Vizag. Mysamma is a close member of Somaraju, who handles the deals of Somaraju in Hyderabad. Mahalaxmi is the daughter of Somaraju. Somaraju dearly loves his daughter. Bunny joins the same college as Mahalaxmi. He impresses Mahalaxmi on the first day itself. Slowly, she falls in love with him. Somaraju, though reluctant initially, agrees to the marriage. Now Bunny has a condition that Somaraju should give his entire property to Bunny as dowry. Bunny's real father is Mahalaxmi's mom's brother. He was a great man with lots of land and property, as well as lots of regard from the government and other people. When Mahalaxmi is born, Mahalxmi's mom asks him to perform the baby naming ceremony and such. On his way there, Somaraju attacks him with the help of a bunch of rowdies. They pretty much kill him and leave him to die in the forest. However, he manages to live and perform Mahalaxmi's ceremony, but he dies minutes after, without telling anyone what happened. Bunny comes to know of this when his so-called father explains to him that he is really a godfather and not a father. In trying to save him, his godfather and godmother give up their own son to keep him alive. To regain his rightful property, Bunny fights Somaraju and his rowdies.

Limba: Rusă
Timpul de rulare al video-ului: 01:44:36
Autor: Goldmines Telefilms
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